“Rock star.”

“When I see her name in my inbox, I click Open.”

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About Rebellious

EvieRebellious PR is Evie Smith. Evie is a lifelong West Coaster with a mean creative streak and a decade of public relations and marketing under her belt.

Rebellious PR & Consulting is about going against the norm, against the expected. Your product and company is a one of a kind, why do the same old thing when it comes to your public relations strategy?

“My prerogative on PR and marketing is to color outside of the lines. What can we do different? What can we do that’s never been done? How can we get people talking about you and your company in the best ways possible?”

Big on collaborative efforts, Evie also works closely with tech journalists and social media insiders and frequently pulls them in on projects.

Services Offered:

  • Consulting on PR & social media
  • Client services for PR 
  • Corporate and freelance writing
  • Media training
  • Social media workshops

Are you ready to start a revolution? 

Rebellious PR


Listen to our new podcast, the Rebellious PR Podcast, and find out why #traditionalPRsucks: http://bit.ly/2tU4R94

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“ROCK STAR… just to put it simply. Evie’s ability to dive into a project – or even an industry – and understand the intricacies of the strategy while building a communication plan and handling zillions of moving or shifting pieces keeps her standing out as an achiever. We have had several different types of interactions, from press tours to small events to massive messes like SXSW, and she navigates flawlessly. One of my favorite times was watching her glide through a movie launch event at SXSW, grabbing influencers as she went and leaving with a fully developed plan on who and how to access afterwards.  Full recommendation!”Alec Marshall,  Managing Partner & Creative Director at Silicon Drive

“Evie is one of my favorite PR people. She knows her stuff and gets things done. She doesn’t bother you with pitches that aren’t relevant to your beat, and has a knack for setting up perfect matches.” — Janko Roettgers, Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent at Variety

“I’ve been working with Evie off and on for several years now. She consistently sends me good pitches that are smart, clear, and don’t waste time. When I see her name in my inbox, I click Open.”Brent Rose, Writer for Wired, Gizmodo, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, and more

“Evie managed the PR efforts for Poynt when we were in the initial growth-phase. Her amazing personality, understanding of our product, the mobile apps landscape and connections to media and influencers made her an indispensable member of our team. She was a true partner, moving well beyond the realm of service provider. I recommend her without hesitation and look forward to the day we work together again!” — Margaret Glover-Campbell, Director of Programs at MindFuel.ca

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