Rebellious PR is a boutique PR agency headquartered in Portland, OR with offices now in Los Angeles. We have deep roots in the consumer tech space, but like to consider ourselves a lifestyle PR brand. We believe that traditional PR sucks, but we know the rules well so we can break them effectively.

Are you rebellious?

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Rebellious PR & Consulting was started in early 2016 by industry vet Evie Smith. After almost a decade working for agencies on the west coast, she decided the tech/startup PR and agency culture was broken and outdated. Flipping the metaphorical table on her way out, Evie felt confident she could do it better.

Everything from agency structure to account management has been dissected and turned on its head to create a PR agency that actually works. Our main goal is to produce the best work possible by careful client selection and management. Rebellious doesn’t say yes to everyone and that’s by design.

We’re looking for fellow collaborators, freethinkers, and well… rebels. We are Rebellious because our clients are disruptive to their industries. We love to work with defiant founders who make their own lanes to create revolutionary work.  We love working with women-founded, POC-founded, and LGBTQ+ founded companies.

Let’s be Rebellious, together.




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