About Rebellious

EvieRebellious PR is Evie Smith. Evie is a lifelong West Coaster with a mean creative streak and a decade of public relations and marketing under her belt.

Rebellious PR & Consulting is about going against the norm, against the expected. Your product and company is a one of a kind, why do the same old thing when it comes to your public relations strategy?

“My prerogative on PR and marketing is to color outside of the lines. What can we do different? What can we do that’s never been done? How can we get people talking about you and your company in the best ways possible?”

Big on collaborative efforts, Evie also works closely with tech journalists and social media insiders and frequently pulls them in on projects.

Services Offered:

  • Consulting on PR & social media
  • Client services for PR 
  • Corporate and freelance writing
  • Media training
  • Social media workshops

Are you ready to start a revolution? 

Rebellious PR


Listen to our new podcast, the Rebellious PR Podcast, and find out why #traditionalPRsucks: http://bit.ly/2tU4R94