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Evie and the team at Rebellious PR are simply the best in their industry! They are hardworking, strategic, and creative problem solvers. They aren’t just a team of PR experts, they are expert partners who hustle to achieve our company’s goals. They easily match the innovation we’re driving in the mar tech industry with their creative and original approach to storytelling. We are thrilled to be working with Rebellious PR.

Cyndi Otteson, NOM [Not Ordinary Media]


Evie and the team at Rebellious simply get us.  They know our product in and out and through that expertise, know exactly where to reach for maximum exposure, not only through relevant channels but timing it strategically.  They aren’t just a vendor, but a strategic partner.

Zach Sharpe, Stern Pinball

Creative, skilled, savvy, and professional, the folks at Rebellious PR are truly the complete package. They really know their stuff, and it’s made an enormous difference for our book. Five out of 5, would recommend to a friend/anonymous internet user who happens upon their website.

Grace Ellis, Moonstruck

Evie and her team at Rebellious have been awesome to work with!  They helped raise the profile of my company with amazing PR opportunities, including getting us into the N.Y. Times!  Great people doing great work, and I highly recommend them to anyone I know. 

Sean Z Becker, Sean Z Becker Real Estate